Animal Owners

Never leave home again without access to your animals' critical health documents! With your membership, you can access documents created for you by your veterinarian the instant they are completed.

With GlobalVetLINK's system, your veterinarian can now create and save your Coggins (EIA) certificates online, as well as eHealth Certificates (eCVIs) and GoPass (passport) certificates. Your certificates are securely stored and readily accessed through your account, anytime you need it.


Document Inspectors

The GVL system produces official state veterinary health documents under individual license agreements with each state. These documents and related animal health data are securely stored by GVL and accessible at anytime by the creating veterinarian and states of origin and destination. is an online portal for animal owners to access their health documents, including EIA(Coggins), GoPass and health certificates created by their GlobalVetLINK participating veterinarian.



Before your next haul, be sure to ask the animal owners to email you their digital health documents from and never hold-up your load again waiting for paper health documents. offers individuals who travel with animals, never before available access to the critical health data that is required for legal transport.



Deliver health documents to your clients faster using GlobalVetLINK participating veterinarians have instant access to the production of veterinary health documents, including EIA/Coggins, eCVI and the 6 month "GoPass" multi-state health certificate.

As the leading developer of standardized electronic animal health documentation solutions, GVL offers a variety of services and products to aid in the safe and efficient movement of animals.


MyVetLINK gives you instant online access to your Interstate Certificates of Veterinary Inspection and much more! Working with your local GlobalVetLINK participating veterinarian and diagnostic lab, MyVetLINK ensures that you will never be without access to the veterinary documents that you need. Your digital documents are securely stored for instant access online. Just download and print your EIA (Coggins), eCVIs and other health certifications as needed.

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Please note that your veterinarian must enter your email address and grant you MVL access in their records before you will have access to GlobalVetLINK certificates.